Understanding Natural Gas Rates In Georgia

Whether you live in Atlanta or another city in Georgia, it is important to understand the per therm natural gas rates you’re paying. In addition to the per therm rate, there are other charges on your monthly bill such as monthly service fees and deposits. Choosing the right natural gas provider can save you money in the long run by avoiding these extra charges.

Fortunately, Georgia has deregulated its natural gas market and you can compare different companies to find a plan that works with your budget. With the power to choose, you can enjoy a low price per therm, great customer service, and fixed-rate plans that help you plan your energy usage.

There are three different types of providers that offer natural gas in Georgia: natural gas marketers, local distribution companies, and investor-owned local distribution companies. The local distribution company is responsible for the network of pipes that brings natural gas to your home and does meter reading. In deregulated markets, you can buy georgia gas from a certified energy supplier and they will bill you separately from your local distribution company.

Natural gas prices fluctuate throughout the year, depending on supply and demand. The warmer weather causes the cost of natural gas to increase as people use more gas for heating their homes.

Your natural gas company will determine how much natural gas is delivered to your home each month based on your therm usage history. You can find out more about your therm usage by visiting the Georgia Public Service Commission website. There is a section that will allow you to enter your zip code and see a breakdown of all the gas suppliers available near you, along with their contract terms and pricing.

Once you’ve found a plan that you like, it is easy to make the switch. Your new gas supplier will handle everything for you. They will work with your current provider to ensure that there are no interruptions in your service and will take over in one to two billing cycles. The process is simple and can be done online.

Aside from your new gas provider, your local distribution company will still charge a base fee for their services. This fee is a pass-through charge that covers the costs of maintaining your pipelines, meter reading and social responsibility charges. This charge is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission and may change up or down after quarterly and annual comprehensive regulatory reviews.

Enter your zip code in our search box to find the best gas rates in georgia. Compare your options to find the lowest per therm rates and start saving today. You can also get free bill credits by switching with us. After you’ve signed up, we’ll do the rest and have you enjoying your new plan within one to two billing cycles. If you have questions about the process, contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to assist. We look forward to helping you save.

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