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Car insurance is the written agreement between the customer and the insurance company, which states that the company will pay all the expenses of car damage in case of an accident. It may also offer financial protection against theft.

There are different types of car insurance in different countries. India has two major types of brand-new car insurance plans-

  1. Third-party car insurance- It is mandatory for all new cars that are plying on Indian roads. It covers the damage caused by third parties due to insured car which includes the third-party death, disability or property damage.
  2. Comprehensive car insurance- Although not mandatory, it can significantly benefit new cars as it covers both damages caused by accidents, calamities, etc., and third-party damages.

For the overall protection of a car, comprehensive car insurance is the best to purchase.

Visiting online car insurance companies is more favorable as-

  • You can refer to different websites and look for insurance plans offered by various companies.
  • Online searching provides a broader range to choose from and compare across various websites.
  • Paperwork is reduced to almost zero as all the process is held online.
  • Some websites also provide additional discounts if they are new or due to some festivals.
  • The online process is direct. It is between the customer and the insurance company; no intermediaries or agents are involved.
  • The overall process of purchase is easy and fast.

 car insurance

How to apply for car insurance?

  • The first step in the process is to calculate your car’s insurance. This requires filling in the car details, such as; car brand, car model, year of purchase, etc.
  • Choose the type of car insurance you want.
  • After successfully filling in the details, compare the car insurance plans offered by different companies.
  • Choose the offer that suits you.
  • Ask for add-on covers as they will expand the coverage of your policy.
  • At last, look for a company with easy and swift insurance claim plans.
  • Choose the best company and complete the process of registration.

Benefits of buying car insurance

  • Car insurance protects the car against third-party damages (physical injury, disability, death).
  • It protects you from the financial expenses in case of car damage (accidents, natural calamities, fires, etc.). These are the most common damages caused, so with insurance; there’s no need to worry about the expenses.
  • The company provides IDV (Insured Declared Value) in case of car theft. IDV is the market value of the car.

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